Assessment Center

Assessment Center, which is used to measure the proficiency of an employee to be promoted or to easily select among candidates for recruitment, provides clearer results in determining potential, while also providing candidates with the opportunity to see their talents.

The purpose of the Assessment Center is to observe the behaviors you will exhibit at work by creating events similar to real situations, since it is not possible to observe the employee while at work. Behaviors are examined in situations such as working with difficult customers, making presentations, team work, role-playing games, social events. Real-like results are obtained in order to see the competencies possessed with the contents containing simulations.

Our Assessment Center service covers:

Determining of Competencies and Assessment Criteria
Designing Post-Implementation Summary and Personalized Reporting
Determining the Tools and Content of the Exercises
Development Coaching Service for Development Center and Personal Development Plans According to Organization's Needs
Giving Feedback by Development Coaches to Raise Awareness
We will work with you to fully understand your business and audience to inform our marketing strategy.

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